Take Diamond Bakery With You: It's Summer!


Take Diamond Bakery With You: It's Summer!

Summer is heating up! This is the time to spend it with family, get your grub on, and you guessed it, explore! But how do you keep the keiki on your way to your destination? Donʻt worry – weʻve got it all planned out! Here are a few activities you can do this Summer to make sure that everyoneʻs having a blast!

If youʻre on the coast, a family friendly go-to is definitely the beach! Sand castles, barbeques and tanning the the perfect way to spend the day – oh, and weʻve got the snacks covered.

Another Summer activity is a hike! If the family has an outdoor agenda, a picnic in the forest could be the ultimate retreat before heading home. And donʻt worry – our Grab Nʻ Go crackers are just the treat to satisfy you until dinner!

Which brings us to our final possibility for Summer – host a backyard barbeque! An evening bbq with your closest friends is just what you need to end the day right! A platter of Diamond Bakery crackers is perfection with a selection of spreads —or get cheesy!

Whatever you decide to do this Summer – take Diamond Bakery with you for the whole family to enjoy!