A Local Treasure


A Local Treasure

Dry roasted, covered in chocolate, added to desserts – macadamia nuts are one of the most popular treats of Hawaiʻi. The first macadamia nut tree in Hawaiʻi was planted in Kapulena on the Big Island in 1882 by William H. Purvis in 1882 and the first plantation was opened on ʻOahu in 1921. At first, macadamia nut trees were grown for their beauty, however, as more companies started to take interest in their fruit, macadamia nuts, they grew to be more popular. One of the most well-known macadamia nut distributors is C. Brewer and Company LTD who operates under the name “Mauna Loa.” Their products can be seen being sold at almost any store in Hawaiʻi! Nowadays, there are more than 700 macadamia nut famers in Hawaiʻi making up 90% of all macadamia nuts grown.

Macadamia nuts are not picked from the tree, rather they are harvested when the nuts have fallen to the ground which indicates that they were fully ripe. They are known as being a true local treasure, often being taken back by visitors who enjoy them so much. Macadamia nuts are often enjoyed plain, spiced, or covered in rich chocolate but can also be prepared with in cookies, ice cream, as a brittle or even used to top a flavorful salad!

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