NEW! Grab N' Go - Original Hawaiian Soda Crackers


      • Now our best selling product is available in a convenient snack size. Our Made In Hawaii soda crackers have stood as the foundation for Diamond Bakery for over 80 years, and the full flavored taste in each crunchy bite is what sets our Original Hawaiian Soda Crackers apart from all the rest. Now exclusively available at your nearest 7-Eleven stores in Hawaii! 

        • Each box contains 24 portion packs of 2 crackers each
        • Each snack size Grab N'Go package contains 2 crackers
        • "My wife and I lived in Hawaii for over 30 years and moved back to the mainland three and a half years ago. Along with missing our local friends, the beautiful weather and scenery, we missed the local foods, of which, Diamond Bakery Soda Crackers were at the top of the list. They're great with soups, salads, dips, seafood, or just a snack."
          -Ron & Katie R. from Florence Oregon

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