Diamond Bakery Shares Aloha With New Soda Cracker Flavors

October 31, 2014

Diamond Bakery Shares Aloha With New Soda Cracker Flavors

 October, 2014 – Diamond Bakery is thrilled to announce that it is adding furikake, sweet chili, and cinnamon toast flavors to its original, and most popular, Soda Cracker product. 

“This month we are celebrating 93 years of sharing heartwarming Aloha,” said Brent Kunimoto, President of Diamond Bakery Company, Ltd. “To commemorate the occasion we are excited to share these great-tasting new soda crackers with Kama’aina. We hope they’ll taste the aloha baked into every crunchy bite.”

Diamond Bakery bakes 1 million crackers a day and their iconic soda cracker is the company’s number one product. “Everyone in Hawaii recognizes the red box,” said Mr. Kunimoto. “Our brand is the source of fond memories for many locals. Having Diamond Bakery products in the house was a tradition they grew up with and one they continue to pass on to their keiki.” 

Although the company is nearly a century old, it is still innovating. Relying on their own tremendous experience, consumer testing, and lots of sharing, they developed these three new flavors especially for locals. “In the short time since these new crackers launched, we have received such great reviews. Some prefer the plain soda crackers, while for others the new flavors were an instant hit,” said Mr. Kunimoto. The crackers are already available in select retail outlets statewide and the full rollout will take place 11/3. To learn more or order online, visit DiamondBakery.com

About Diamond Bakery

Diamond Bakery has been Hawaii’s favorite way to snack for over 90 years. What started off as a dream shared by three Japanese immigrants has grown to become a household name in Hawaii. Diamond Bakery bakes iconic products including Soda Crackers, Royal Creem, Saloon Pilot, Salty, Graham, Animal Crackers, along with Ruff ' Ready, Coconut, Candy Bead, and Coconut Taffy cookies. www.DiamondBakery.com