All Natural Hawaiian Soda Crackers, Original Flavor


      • Sea Biscuits provided comfort and nourishment to traders, whalers, and missionaries as they traveled the treacherous waters around Cape Horn in search of the mystical Hawaiian Islands. Inspired by these baked provisions, and for decades, Diamond Bakery's Hawaiian Sodas have become Hawaii's favorite cracker. Crafted using time-tested recipes, infused with pure Hawaiian artesian water and the finest Hawaiian ingredients, these soda crackers are hearty, crunchy and flavorful. Taste the difference!

        • Each box is 5oz
        • Each case contains (6) 5oz boxes
        • "My wife and I lived in Hawaii for over 30 years and moved back to the mainland three and a half years ago. Along with missing our local friends, the beautiful weather and scenery, we missed the local foods, of which, Diamond Bakery Soda CrackersŚćwere at the top of the list. They're great with soups, salads, dips, seafood, or just a snack."
          -Ron & Katie R. from Florence Oregon

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    Type: Crackers

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