Animal Cracker Snack Pack (0.7oz / Case of 100)


      • A traditional childhood favorite for all Hawai'i's kama'aina (locals), our Made-In-Hawaii Animal Crackers continue to be enjoyed by young and old alike. Explore the African Savannah with the colossal elephant, the fierce lion, and the rambunctious rhino; let your imagination run wild across the American prairies with the graceful horse, the silly cow, and the stubborn mule. Not only are these cookies fun to play with, but they are also delight to eat. There's no right or wrong way to eat them, but a zoo of Diamond Bakery's Animal Crackers will surely taste yummy in your tummy. Original Flavor. Sell by cases with each case containing (100) 0.7oz. bag. Volume discount available, see product details for more information.

        • "My dear friend Sofia and I have been consuming these crackers ever since our first trip to Hawaii. We were walking along the watchtower, looking for some grub, when we happened upon these Animal Crackers. Our hunger was quenched. I will FORGET the day that I tried these wonderful crackers. They have changed my life FOR the better. I've finally found my balance. Now if only you would sell them in Spain!"
          -Molly Bayer, 2014

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    Type: Crackers

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