Hear What People Are Saying!

“Oh, my gosh, the 3 new crackers are ONO!  I hope you'll be adding them all to your regular product line.  My husband has practically inhaled them all in the few days since their delivery - in fact, the blueberry ones are pau!  I'm having to eat more than I usually do at one time just to get my fair share! I don't think I'll ever order a regular cracker anymore - just the toasted sesame.  I can't leave them alone! And, I'm seriously afraid to try making s'mores with the coconut grahams for fear I won't be able to stop eating them! You've got winners in all of them!!!  I can't say enough, but consider this 2 votes from 2 former island residents to keep them available.”

-Our heartfelt mahalo, Judy Benoit Pugh from San Jose, CA

“My wife and I lived in Hawaii for over 30 years and moved back to the mainland three and a half years ago. Along with missing our local friends, the beautiful weather and scenery, we missed the local foods, of which, Diamond Soda Crackers were at the top of the list. They're great with soups, salads, dips, seafood, or just a snack.”
-Ron & Katie R. from Florence Oregon

“I picked up a couple of bags of the Diamond Cookies to snack on when I was in Maui back in September. I was sorry I didn't bring some back home to Wisconsin. I look forward to being able to order some more!”
-Karen L.  from Wisconsin

“We go to Hawaii (Maui and Lanai) at least once a year and have enjoyed your products there, as well as bringing some home. We would love to have them in between trips. Also, thanks for sending updates on products, etc., when available. I will be looking forward to that."
-Linda S. from Atlanta, Georgia

“We have visited Hawaii several times in previous years. My husband saw your crackers and decided to try them… since then we have been hooked.  Every time one of our family goes to the islands, we have them bring us back several boxes. My husband is very hard to buy gifts for, so I thought this would be an ideal gift. Also, all of us can enjoy them. Thank you for your help.”
-Debra Y. from Madera , California

“My dear friend Sofia and I have been consuming these crackers ever since our first trip to Hawaii. We were walking along the watchtower, looking for some grub, when we happened upon these Animal Crackers. Our hunger was quenched. I will FORGET the day that I tried these wonderful crackers. They have changed my life FOR the better. I've finally found my balance. Now if only you would sell them in España.”
-Molly Bayer, Spain


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