Go Crackers Tattoo Promotion!

It's Simple:

- Select ONE Design*

- Record A 20 Second Video Getting Inked

- Take A Photo Of The Finished Product

- Submit Video & Photo To _______

- WIN!

Download Designs

Participating Tattoo Shops

- Monarch Tattoo Studio

- Rising Tide Tattoo

- Bespoke Tattoo

- Inks Landing

- Zen Tattoo (Maui)

-Tattoo Hawaii Studio

- Sacred Art Tattoo


Terms: Tattoo designs cannot be modified or changed in any way. Must use designs provided by Diamond Bakery. Tattoo must be 3.5 inches in diameter to qualify. A short video clip (15-20 seconds) and final image of tattoo is required for entry. Video must show contestant receiving tattoo ink to skin with tattoo gun in video. If tattoo looks or is deemed to be fake, you will be disqualified. Colors are not required to be in tattoo. 


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