NEW! Sesame Seed Hawaiian Soda Crackers Tray (13oz)

      • Diamond Bakery's NEW Sesame Seed Hawaii Soda Crackers are simply delicious and 100% Made In Hawaii. Each bite is packed full of our signature Diamond Crunch. This new product will be available after 10/1/15.

        • Each 13oz tray contains 8 portion packs of 8 crackers each; 64 crackers total
        • Each case contains (12) 13oz trays
        • “Oh, my gosh, the 3 new crackers are ONO!  I hope you'll be adding them all to your regular product line.  My husband has practically inhaled them all in the few days since their delivery - in fact, the blueberry ones are pau!  I'm having to eat more than I usually do at one time just to get my fair share!

          I don't think I'll ever order a regular cracker anymore - just the toasted sesame.  I can't leave them alone! And, I'm seriously afraid to try making s'mores with the coconut grahams for fear I won't be able to stop eating them! You've got winners in all of them!!!  I can't say enough, but consider this 2 votes from 2 former island residents to keep them available.”

          -Our heartfelt mahalo, Judy Benoit Pugh from San Jose, CA

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