Diamond Bakery: Keiki Crafts – Planning the Perfect Play Date

March 28, 2019

Diamond Bakery: Keiki Crafts – Planning the Perfect Play Date

When it comes to Diamond Bakery, your keiki come first! We know how important planning the perfect play date can be – so we’ve developed the ideal plan for you to ensure that both you and your keiki have an awesome time! First things first, choosing the right location. Where will your keiki have the most fun? A playground, the zoo, or the beach? Finding the right place to have your play date is the first step to success. Next, inviting the right people! You want to make sure that you’re comfortable with the people you’re with. That will set the tone for the entire play date!

And now for the most important step – snacks! A hungry keiki is not a happy keiki, which is why you should make sure you stock up on Diamond Bakery’s kid favorites – and don’t forget, you can turn them into crafts! A perfect lunch is a simple and tasty lunch, sandwiches, fruits, and crackers of course! For dessert, your keiki can craft ice cream sandwiches with one of our keiki favorites – double chocolate cookies, lilikoi shortbread cookies, our classic chocolate chip, or our NEW Lemon & Guava Mac Nut Hawaiian Shortbread Cookies!

Wherever your playdate is, make it enjoyable with Diamond Bakery!


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