• Early Years

    1921:  Diamond Bakery is founded and named after the prominent Diamond Head landmark that was in view of the original factory location

    1926:  Master baker Sam Dunphy joins Diamond Bakery, bringing expertise of working with international baking companies

    1937:  New line of uniquely thick, crunchy crackers is introduced: Hawaiian Soda, Graham, Saloon Pilot, and Royal Creems. They quickly become Hawaii's favorite crackers

    1940s:  Pearl Harbor is attacked; Hawaii becomes key port for U.S. military. Provisions are limited, yet Diamond Bakery continues to supply the Islands with affordable, tasty crackers and cookies

  • Growth Years

    1970s:  Company moves into larger facility in Kalihi, increasing production to meet unrelenting demand for the bakery's crackers and cookies

    1980s:  Plant advancements include a second baking line for cookies and upgraded packaging to provide portion control packs that assure product freshness and crunchy texture

    1990s:  Diamond Bakery holds a seat on the prestigious, international Biscuit and Cracker Manufacturing Association and debuts its cookies in Japan

    2006:  Market expansion takes place in the Pacific Northwest through specialty distributors and retailers

    2007:  Sales in Japan increase through grocery stores, gift shops and partnering with international airlines

  • Recipe for Success

    2002:  New flavors of famous Royal Creem, Saloon Pilot and Graham crackers are introduced

    2004:  Company launches Hawaiian Animal Cookie line, featuring Hawaiian sea animal characters and colorful packaging that enjoys instant popularity

    2006:  Mini Royal Creem line starts

    2009:  Distribution to U.S. eastern seaboard is facilitated by large grocery chain carrying Diamond Bakery's Saloon Pilot and best-selling Soda Crackers

  • Modern Marvel

    2008:  Company accelerates community and global partner programs by donating proceeds and products to charities and educational causes, such as American Heart Association, the USO, and Hawaii marine life organizations

    2010:  All Natural Crackers line is launched to bring crunchy texture and full-bodied taste to natural food lovers while providing health benefits of all-natural crackers